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16 Weeks and counting ..

I had been to a couple of check up’s since my last post. I’m now 16 weeks and 6 days (4 Months and 6 Days. And this is how I look like at the moment.


Getting this nice little bump now. And what more to expect? Oh that heavy feeling every time I get up in the couch or go upstairs. 5 months more to go and this will end soon. But as of now, I’m enjoying my pregnancy though I quite feel emotional sometimes because of these hormonal changes. The good news is, there’s no more nasty symptoms. Hooray!

Anyway, lets jump up to the result of my Blood test. According to my midwife, everything was fine except for the Rubella test where it appears I haven’t got. That’s because I might have missed the Anti- German Measles when I was still young. So the tendency to catch this illness is a bit scary. She told me that Rubella in this country is very rare because most of them had this vaccine when they were young. The only thing I can do now is to wait till I gave birth to have this vaccine and hopefully not catch this disease till I see my lovely angel.

Food Cravings

The first trimester of pregnancy is indeed not the easiest part. This is when you feel so  uncomfortable because of Pregnancy Symptoms. Some pregnant women had the worst symptoms while some are not that experiencing much of it.

Let me tell you my experience. Im on the 2nd month of pregnancy now. And as far as I observed, the symptoms I hate the most is vomiting and dizziness all the time. I also have these laziness , sensitiveness and mood swings. Add the food cravings of course.

Food cravings for a pregnant women are sometimes unusual but sometimes its like a normal cravings for some food you want to taste for so long. As for me, I crave for dried fish and Fish Sauce (also called Bagoong) most of the time. I like veggies with fish sauce. I don’t know why but these are the food that took shine to me. For me, they are like the most delicious food ever on earth. lol!

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Result of my first Ultra Sound

Last August 13, sadly the Friday the 13th which they said a very unlucky day turned out to be my Luckiest day ever. It’s because this is the first time I was able to see my little one growing on my tummy and  a bonus of seeing and hearing his/her heartbeat. It’s really amazing!

We travel all the way to Bangor Hospital – St. David’s Hospital for my ultra sound. the appointment is at 12:10 PM.

When we arrived at 11:47am, Jamie had his coffee then we find the place. I gave my appointment letter and they did the scan.

Here’s the first ever picture of my little one. Had to pay £2.00 for this one so I can have everything documented.

My Little OneAccording to my scan during that day, I am 9 weeks and 6 days. And my estimated Date of Delivery is March 12, 2011 measuring 30 mm. Cool aye?

The midwife said that the baby’s body parts is all complete and that the placenta is developing bit by bit. She also showed us the small light-like blinking which is the heartbeat of the baby. Its really an amazing experience. Thought I will cry at that moment but then again, I’ll save it on the day I will see her in real. :)

I was thinking afterwards that we probably conceive on the first week of June.. Gosh! Before I did all those long slides, hiking and roller coaster.. Thanks God my baby is safe.

Blood Test

I know nothing about pregnancy. But I really do want to have a baby as I’m not getting any younger. Undergoing lots of tests are one of a newly pregnant women must do. Especially Blood tests which is very useful for checking the health of the baby and the mother. And to check whether we both need proper care in case they’ve found something wrong with me and my baby. Some of the tests are HIV tests, Hepatitis B, Anemia, Blood group, Rubella and etc.

August 4 at 2:15PM. I was scheduled for my second appointment. I don’t have Idea what will Julie (my Midwife) needs to discuss or do today. All I know is a need to fill up a small bottle of urine to monitor any problems regarding my urinary tract. And I need to give her a bottle every time we will meet which is fine with me.

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Check-Up Updates … 99.9% Accurate!

After I’ve learned I was finally pregnant. Habibi called the Surgery Clinic to book appointment for me.

1:45 PM on July 20th – Habibi accompanied me to the Surgery. And since I’m still not convinced for my Pregnancy, I asked the doctor how accurate the Home Pregnancy Test is. She then told me Home and Hospital Pregnancy is almost the same. And they are 99.9% accurate! Hmmm seems like I have to start acting like a mom now. I was really chuffed.

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It’s Positive!

This is my very first post on this site.. The day I’ve found out I’m Positive – I’m PREGNANT. You heard me right!

I’ve been married for 2 years, 5 Months and 6 days to be exact. Me and Habibi was trying for yonks to finally make our little version of ourselves but no Luck. Till my brother and family came over for a visit. I think, luck came from them what do you think?

I’m not really sure how many weeks is my baby bump at the moment but will find out on Friday (Hooray!). I’m scheduled for my very first Ultra Sound. And I’m kinda excited about it. Hopefully he/she’s very healthy and in good condition. Hmmm can’t wait for Friday to come.

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Welcome to my site…

I just bought another site again and its all about all the struggles and experiences I had and will have in the future to being a Mom. Yes! I will soon be a mom and I want this site to be my digital diary on my journey to motherhood. Whether its a good or a bad one, I’ll share you everything. I’ll cry out all my problems here especially the emotional experiences on my first trimester till I give birth. Thank you for visiting my site.